Boudoir Babes – Real Ladies Reveal All – Debbie

I hope you’re loving these Boudoir Babes – Real Ladies Reveal All photo sessions as much as I do?

This one is rather special to me – Debbie, a mum of 3 and 37 year old Care Home Manager, booked in a session with me in January, despite being nervous AND having a car accident the day before, this amazing lady was not going to be put off and came along for a completely amazing Real Ladies Boudoir Session! What a complete superstar!

Boudoir Before and After

As always, we asked Debbie a few questions about her Boudoir Babes – Real Ladies Reveal All photo session and here’s what she had to share with you…

How did you come across the concept of Boudoir Photography?

Debbie – I’ve seen my friends have photo shoots and absolutely loved the photos, always wanted to do it myself!

What made you finally go ahead and book the session?

Debbie – Most boudoir photos you see are size ten models and I wanted to show that bigger girls can look good too!

And you’ve done that for sure Debbie! What helped you to relax through your experience?

Debbie – Helen taking me through every step of the way, each pose she explained, sometimes demonstrated (which was real fun!) and made me feel fantastic!

Which part of the experience did you enjoy the most?

Debbie – I can’t say it was all amazing! The hair and make up was great and the experience was just so much fun!

How would you describe your boudoir experience to your friends?

Debbie – Relaxing, fun, enlightening! I’d absolutely recommend all my friends and other ladies too do this, what a confidence boost!

Now you’ve seen your images what do you think?

Debbie – I absolutely love them! So does my partner!

Thanks so much Debbie, you really are an amazing lady, let’s hope we see you again without the whiplash next time! So without further ado, here is the absolutely gorgeous Debbie, mum of 3!!

WEB_DEBBIE BOUDOIR © Helen Rushton Photography-9352WEB_DEBBIE BOUDOIR © Helen Rushton Photography-9355WEB_DEBBIE BOUDOIR © Helen Rushton Photography-9361WEB_DEBBIE BOUDOIR © Helen Rushton Photography-9366WEB_DEBBIE BOUDOIR © Helen Rushton Photography-9372WEB_DEBBIE BOUDOIR © Helen Rushton Photography-9376WEB_DEBBIE BOUDOIR © Helen Rushton Photography-9383WEB_DEBBIE BOUDOIR © Helen Rushton Photography-9384WEB_DEBBIE BOUDOIR © Helen Rushton Photography-9386WEB_DEBBIE BOUDOIR © Helen Rushton Photography-9387WEB_DEBBIE BOUDOIR © Helen Rushton Photography-9389WEB_DEBBIE BOUDOIR © Helen Rushton Photography-9396WEB_DEBBIE BOUDOIR © Helen Rushton Photography-9397WEB_DEBBIE BOUDOIR © Helen Rushton Photography-9400WEB_DEBBIE BOUDOIR © Helen Rushton Photography-9411

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