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Welcome to THE most exciting blog I’ve ever written – Boudoir Babes – Real Ladies reveal All! With the help of some amazing ladies, I can reveal some amazingly intimate images with you – real women, real sizes and real hang ups – these ladies were happy to reveal what attracted them to Boudoir Photography and what they thought of their experience with Boudoir by Helen Rushton.

Fiona Boudoir Jan 16

First up is a lovely lady, Fiona who lives in Bournemouth. Fiona is the magic maker behind turning our self conscious ladies into gorgeous minxes! Fi is a professional hair and make up artist I met through one my Wedding Photography at Larmer Tree Gardens and has helped out in the studio ever since!

So before we go any further, why did Fi want to do a boudoir Shoot?

Fi – I wanted a confidence boost and to have fun in front of the camera instead of hiding behind it like I usually do!

What were you most nervous about before your Boudoir Experience?

Fi – Getting my kit off and how would I feel about the images afterwards. I am so self conscious about a couple of parts of my body and all I see in my wedding photos are those bits of me despite everyone else telling me they’re gorgeous!

What helped you relax through the experience?

Fi – Chatting with Helen really helped as well as the relaxing and friendly atmosphere and environment, the studio is lovely!

How did the experience make you feel?

Fi – I am so much more confident in my body and realise my hang ups are all in my head! I can’t believe the images, they’re gorgeous!

What did you enjoy most about the experience?

Fi – it was so much fun! I couldn’t believe it and soooo liberating!

How would you describe your Boudoir experience to your friends?

Fi – Fun, relaxing, exciting, liberating, confidence boosting – shall I go on?

When you saw your images what did you think?

Fi – I’m so happy and amazed at how good I look! All down to the amazing photography by Helen!

Awww thanks Fi, I think you should look in the mirror more though, you’re absolutely gorgeous and it’s all down to YOU and the inner confidence that hides in all of us coming out!

——— x X x ———-

So without further ado, here are a few of our favourite images from Fi’s Boudoir Photo Session – what a babe!

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